Fashion & Music Photography Workshop | Nashville, Tennessee

This summer I packed my bags & headed off to the place where all the best dreamers go to dream..Nashville, Tennessee of course!

I was selected to be a part of The Sarah Barlow Internship program, a 5 day workshop where ten photographers from all over the world came to learn about the world behind fashion & music photography. Sarah Barlow ran the internship with her Art Directior Stephen Schofield, and let me tell you, they were two of the most talented, humble & sweet people. I sure was welcomed into the south for the first time with wide open arms. Sarah has been one of my favorite photographers for some time & you may know her work from Taylor Swift's last album RED. 

While I was there I had the amazing opportunity to shoot country singer Raelynn, who you may know from the 2nd season of The Voice. She is currently on tour with Miranda Lambert & is signed with Big Machine Records in Nashville. I can't show the images just yet, but they are some of my favorite work so far! As soon as I can, I will be sharing them with you all. 

 The gallery you see here are images taken by Sarah & Stephen! I highly recommend attending a workshop like this to push yourself & to help deepen your art form. It's amazing the results you can get when you take a leap of faith & leave your comfort zone.